About us

    iDbotic pioneers secure identification technologies to offer most advanced solutions currently available to prevent unauthorised access to physical and digital spaces, authenticate and track valuable goods and prevent false identities to operate on protected systems.

    Thanks to our proprietary technology and qualified , iDbotic provides unique and unclonable identiy to persons and objects in the industrial, luxury, financial, government and military sectors.

    We are ready for the next generation of secure communications between things.  Here, machines, sensors, objects and persons must seamlessly interact on a trusted manner.
    Carlos counts with sound experience in bringing high-tech products to the market and designing innovation strategic plans for corporations. With a strong technology background boldly oriented to business, he previously worked across Europe at companies as Pera Group or Altran before joining iDbotic, and participated in a number of high-growth start-ups mainly related with blockchain and AI technologies.
    Microelectronics expert, Alberto has extensive expertise in embedded electronics, mechatronics and industrial electronics. He has gained broad visibility of advanced use cases for telco, food and wearables industry, where secure automation of real-time processes and connected systems is a key issue.
    Cyber-security researcher focused on encryption, decentralised technologies and artificial intelligence. Previously founder and participant in 10+ fintech and security startups, during his professional career he has won several global awards for his cutting-edge vision  and outstanding product development standard.

    Agustín de Foxá, 40
    28036 Madrid - Spain
    +34 654 240 020